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The Djeco range of products stretches as far as the imagination. With puzzles, figurines, jewellery, role play toys, doll houses, early development activities, magic, music, games and much much more, you can be sure that your kids will never be bored again.

Djeco takes into account children from early years with early development pull-alongs and stacking blocks, through to teens and even adults with their 500 piece puzzles for those with a skill for observation and patience.

A spectacularly designed collection with illustrations and decoration to suit all tastes whether they be girly or gruff, into animals or space ships, pirates or ballerinas.

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Djeco Silhouette Puzzle - Fire Truck 16 piece

  Suitable for ages: 3 + Years Djeco create charming puzzles which tell stories! They are presented in shaped boxes which will take pride of place on children's bedroom shelves.  

Djeco Silhouette Puzzle - Fairy And Unicorn 36 piece

Charming puzzles which tell stories! Presented in pretty shaped boxes which will take pride of place on children's bedroom shelves. Suitable for ages: 4+ Years

Djeco Pirate Puzzle - 36 piece

Fun 36pce puzzle of pirates finding long lost treasure.   Dimensions: 30cm(L) x 6cm(H) x 20cm(W)

Djeco Lady & Swan Puzzle - 54 piece

Stunning 54pce puzzle of a girl and her swan on the lake. Suitable for ages: 5+ Years Package dimensions: 6cm(L) x 23cm(H) x 26cm(W)

Pachat and His Friends

An adorable 24 piece puzzle of a sweet cat named Pachat and his friends. Suitable for ages: 3+ Years