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Soft Dolls

Here you will find a stunning and unique collection of beautiful soft dolls by Alimrose Designs, Nana Huchy, La De Dah Kids, Bla Bla plus at times other unique brands.  Dolls make beautiful gifts and will become treasured best friends to the little people in your life.

Fairy Doll - Flower Bouquet

Alimrose Fairy Doll - Flower Bouquet Gorgeous fairy doll featuring floral print, soft tulle skirt & cute wings. Approx: 48cm

Fairy Doll - Mint Floral

Alimrose Fairy Doll - Mint Floral Gorgeous fairy doll featuring soft tulle skirt & cute wings. Approx: 48cm

Alimrose Large Ballerina 50cm - Grey Floral

An elegant ballerina with a gorgeous fluffy tutu. A wonderful friend just waiting for a home!

Alimrose Large Ballerina 50cm - Pink Petals

Gorgeous! Big Ballerina doll with soft fluffy tulle tutu.

Alimrose Maggie Doll 52cm - Vintage Daisy

Amazing! Maggie is a big soft gorgeous doll. 50cm in length

Maggie Doll 52cm - Pink Cinnamon

Maggie is a gorgeous soft pink doll that makes a welcome friend or addition to bedroom decor. 52cm in length.

Alimrose Super Hero Doll

Alimrose Super Hero Doll - Large This adorable super hero will become your little man's favourite side kick! This super hero will become a treasured first friend.  Size: 45cm.

Milla Mermaid

A bit of a rebel and lots of fun, Milla just arrived on our shores from the Seychelles. Despite warnings from her more cautious twin sister Mia, Milla hitched a ride on a seahorse and arrived here in record time. Right now she's exhausted from the journey, but when Milla wakes up she'll be ready to design bikinis, draw colourful...