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Toys and Gifts

We stock a beautiful and timeless collection of unique children's toys and gifts that you will enjoy purchasing as much as the children.  Shop for unique wooden children's toys that capture the imagination and inspire creative play or think artistically and and shop for something that is hands on and allows for innovative thought and inspired creativity. Be sure to also check out our 'colour and craft' page for more gift ideas.

Pull Along Chicken with 3 Eggs

Packed with cuteness, the Pull A Long Chicken is a beautifully made pull along. It is made with high quality timber and as you pull, the eggs will rotate on the cart.

Transportation and Sign Set

This is a great set to have to add on to your other play sets. Come with 4 little cars and many road signs such as stop sign, no left turn, one way and more. Made with good quality wood. Role play encourages social skills which are so important for a childs development.

Construction Vehicle and Carrier

A transporter that carries construction vehicles. A must have…. A little boys dream set. Each set comes complete with a roller and a digger which can be taken to the work site on this big carrier. Pretend play is so important for early development. Playtime can be filled with fun and learning.

Tool Belt

What every young boy wants... A colourful tool belt with wooden tools... It's a little boys dream. Now junior can work right alongside dad! This great little tool set may help aid his hand/eye coordination too.